Randy Boyer: A Career in Trance

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Sometimes there are no shortcuts to success in the DJ game. That’s especially the case when you’re from Connecticut, a state whose biggest claim to fame is being located between two other states with big cities—New York and Boston.

But that never deterred Randy Boyer. Despite pursuing his craft in a secondary market, his career has grown organically—from passionate local trance DJ to popular mixshow jock on WKSS to international sensation. He’s done it all through dedication, energetic performances, and top quality releases on labels like Armada, A State of Trance, and Ultra. And now he’s teamed with Finnish trance star Darude to form their own imprint, EnMass Music.

We reached out to the Hartford-based Boyer to discuss his partnership with one of the world’s biggest DJs, his upcoming release “Welcome to the Future” on EnMass, and exactly what the future holds for one of the bright lights of the American trance scene.

DJ Times: How would you describe “Welcome to the Future”?

Boyer: “Welcome to the Future” is one of those songs that has commercial appeal, but yet rocks out in the clubs. It has a very hooky melody and unique vocals. The lyrics and feeling of the song are very futuristic. The remixes by Menno De Jong and M.I.K.E hit all kinds of genres, such as trance and progressive. The remix by myself and Darude has a strong anthemic appeal as well.

DJ Times: In your opinion, what makes it work?

Boyer: For me, it’s the vocals of Jason Arnold of Hypnogaja. His vocals are slightly eerie, but unique and captivating—they really grab your attention. The vocals gave Kristina Sky and I the inspiration for writing music behind it.

DJ Times: How is it different than your previous releases on EnMass?

Boyer: I would say this release is unique because I have never heard vocals like this before in dance music. I love working with new vocalists, and I think we found a really great talent with Jason Arnold of Hypnogaja. Also, this release is Kristina Sky’s debut release on EnMass Music. If you have followed my releases over the years, you know that she and I always team up for productions.

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