Pump Up Your Jams with Morgan Page

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morgan page

More Twitter tips from Mr. Page

Morgan Page earned a Grammy nomination last year (Best Remixed Recording for Nadia Ali’s “Fantasy”), but for many DJs and producers, Page’s quick tips on Twitter have been providing nuggets of inspiration and valuable advice—in the studio and out.

Get a digital feed into your car stereo from your iPhone for road tests, and use the notes function

Try out Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategy Cards for inspiration and fun

Don’t get distracted by other peoples careers—just stay the course and follow your vision

Regularly repair disk permissions and defrag your audio drive using Diskwarrior or other apps

Consider changing a synth’s envelope release rather than adding reverb effects

Invest in industrial grade airplane carry-one at Luggageworksonline.com

Duplicate your kick drum and heavily compress the 2nd version for more snap and point

Use Quietrock to soundproof the thinnest walls of your studio

Try recording everything at -6dB or zero on your analog gear and pump it up later

Test your plugins with white or pink noise to really hear their effect ~e.g. phasers