Print Ad Specs

PRINT Specifications:
Tabloid Size trims at 9.625″ X 12.625″
Advertisements should be supplied as press ready PDF files. PDFs of bleed ads should be sized to bleed dimensions without crop marks, color bars or other printer information. Color images should be in CMYK mode at a minimum of 300 dpi and should not exceed 300% ink density. An Iris proof or similar high quality digital proof should accompany ad. In the absence of a high quality proof, we are not responsible for reproduction quality.INSERTS & TIP-ONS
Call for availability, costs, and specifications.CLASSIFIEDS & MARKETPLACE
55 lb. coated 3# paper stock. You can expect up to 10% dot gain at midtone values for grayscale and color images.FTP INSTRUCTIONS
Ads can be posted to our FTP site: Login with username testaftp and password testa1. Please upload file to folder marked “TO TESTA COMMUNICATIONS”. The file must be saved as a stuffed/zipped high resolution PDF or TIFF file. The file size must not exceed 50 megabytes. Email notify us that you have posted an ad to our site. Please include the file name, description of the ad, the magazine, month, etc. It is critical that we are notified after a file is uploaded as undocumented files are periodically purged. Files less than 15 megabytes can be emailed straight to Please include insertion details along with the file.ADVERTISING RELATED QUESTIONS CALL:
Advertising & Marketing Director
Tom McCarty
phone: 516-767-2500 ext. 507