Prime Time: Justin Prime Hits NYC

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By Michelle Fetky

New York City – Justin Prime, the Dutch progressive and electro house DJ and music producer, is making a rare appearance in NYC tonight at Melrose Ballroom. Caffeine Events & Bass Connection are bringing to Astoria, Queens, over 10 hours of music, featuring over 20 artists in multiple areas.

DJ Times caught up with Prime (aka Justin Putuhena) for a chat before the show.

DJ Times:Tell us a little bit about your musical roots.
Justin Prime: I’ve been playing music all my life. I come from a very musical family where we all play an instrument. Most of them play the guitar or drums. I started playing the piano at 5, which really helps me out a lot nowadays with producing my own music. At 15, I started to DJ and one year later I got more involved into music production. I started off using Fruity Loops, then Reason and finally Cubase. When I was 21, I went to school studying sound engineering, which really helped me to understand a lot about mixing/mastering and properly using EQs, compressors, reverb/delays, etc.

DJ Times:Where you in any other bands/groups prior to producing your own music?
Prime: Before I started the Justin Prime project, I was a hardstyle DJ and producer for almost eight years under the alias Abyss & Judge. I’ve been releasing my hardstyle music on Showtek’s old record label Dutch Master Works. In 2011, I wanted a new challenge, so I switched over to EDM music and started the Justin Prime project, as well as ghost-producing for other artists. In the summer of 2012, I made “Cannonball” just for fun. I sent it over to the guys from Showtek and they wanted to collab this song with me. So, we changed some stuff here and there and then released it together as a collaboration. We knew we had a big tune in our hands, but we never expect it to blow up this big on a worldwide scale. We received two golden records and a platinum record for this song.

DJ Times:What type of equipment did you start off using?
Prime: A Pentium 3 500Mhz Windows computer with 256MB RAM with a Soundblaster card. I also used my first keyboard, which my mom bought me when I was 5, as a MIDI controller for my DAW. Shortly after, I purchased a little cheap-ass mixer with a Samson dynamic microphone to record my vocals with. If I compare it to the studio I have nowadays, it was only something I could have dreamed of back then.

DJ Times: What can we expect on Friday night?
Prime: You can expect a high-energy performance from me. I’ve got a bunch of new Prime tracks and exclusive material ready for you guys, which I’m definitely gonna drop this Friday! See you there!

Listen to Justin Prime’s latest Limitless Radio episode below, and go to for more information.