Prevent Bankruptcy–With Insurance

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One Conga misstep away from the poorhouse

Robert V. Nuccio, the president of R.V. Nuccio and Associates Inc., claims his is the only nationwide company that offers a specialized DJ insurance program online. The company insures more than 25,000 weddings and other special events each year and also offers specialty insurance programs for professionals involved in special events, and offers “Change of Heart” coverage for weddings. They also offer cancellation and rain/snow insurance for events.

We talked to him recently….

Does a DJ’s insurance policy also protect subcontractors? Insurance coverage only protects the insured company and its employees. It will not provide defense or judgment coverage to a subcontractor or independent contractor. From an insurance point of view, a DJ is considered an “employee” if he/she works exclusively for one company – even if that company considers the DJ a subcontractor or an independent contractor. Here are a few additional tips:

— If you work as a subcontractor or independent contractor, secure your own liability insurance.

— If you hire subcontractors or independent contractors, obtain a Certificate of Insurance from the subcontractor or independent contractor as proof of coverage.

— You cannot add another DJ to your policy as an Additional Insured. This is not allowed and is considered a fraudulent practice by insurance companies.

— Regardless of whether you have subcontractors, independent contractors, or employees, purchase coverage for the correct number of setups. If a claim occurs and it’s discovered that there are more setups than reported on the policy, the coverage will be applied to the setup with no loss, and you’ll have no protection.