Preparing 2 Stalk U: DJ Times@WMC

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If you’re going to Winter Music Conference next week, you’ll find it impossible to avoid DJ Times. We’ll try our best to minimize that “we’re no longer dating, but we can’t quit you” vibe, but still, we have a way of putting el estrange back in estrangement.

On March 24, for example, if you stop by the Sea to Sun/Loverush Digital label party at the South Beach home of three-time Grammy-winning mixing engineer, Tom Lord-Alge, we’ll be there, serving as the media sponsor. Come ogle a Grammy (we’ll be holding one, saying it’s ours), or at least absorb some of the House-of-the-Lord-Alge—if you’ve been listening to music at anytime in the last 25 years, you’ve heard the mixing talents of Lord-Alge, who popularized the time-saving method of “flying” vocals, using a piece of the chorus to accent a different part of the song (“Great, I’ll sing it once and you can fly it all in.”)

Featured artists and DJs include Sylvia Tosun, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Freedom Williams, Sted-E & Hybrid Heights, Flash Brothers and Anton Bass.

You’ll find us looking awkwardly at you from the No-Speedo Zone, pretending to text somebody with our iPod Touch (don’t worry, we don’t drunk-text).

On March 25, if you’re going to the always-rollicking Juicy Beach Party at Nikki Beach Club, we’ll be right behind you, in shades, laughing at a pretend-text on our iPod Touch, carrying a clipboard. The all-day affair, which we’re co-sponsoring, will feature March 2010 DJ Times cover boy Robbie Rivera, plus Joachim Garraud, Funkagenda, Oscar G, Stonebridge, Richard Vission, Scotty Boy, and 2007 America’s Best DJ winner George Acosta.

So, um, where you staying?