PREMIERE: Alexkid Channels Dubby Techno on ‘Wear Your Cape’ from ‘Evolutions’ EP

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Alexkid wants to take you into the deep, dark world of dubby techno with “Wear Your Cape,” his contribution to he and Enzo Siragusa’s new two-tracker Evolutions EP on Fuse (out now on vinyl and digitally on December 14) premiering today at DJ Times.

The Parisian DJ/producer has over 20 years of experience under his belt, currently juggling his time running his 510k booking agency, serving as a resident at Rex Club, and pumping out entrancing productions.

On “Wear Your Cape,” Alexkid puts the hazy percussion at the forefront, crafting a hypnotic techno spell that’s primed for late-night dancefloors. With disembodied vocal samples peppered throughout, it’s an atmospheric ride that’s ready to invite clubbers inside its sinister world.

Alexkid dished on the track and Fuse London ahead of the release.

DJ Times: How did your relationship with Fuse London start and how long have you been producing music with them?
Alexkid: I met Enzo in Ibiza a few years ago. We really got along and eventually realized after a chat that we had the exact same background and also wanted to try the same things in production: a blend of house and drum & bass. We got into the studio, and it happened even more easily than expected and the Kilimanjaro Sound was there. It’s great to be in the studio with Enzo; decisions are made quite fast. No ego involved. We have quite a few tracks in the pipeline, but they’re not all finished.

DJ Times: How did you approach making “Wear Your Cape” and where did you get inspiration for the track?
Alexkid: Actually I did the whole track and mixed it in a couple of hours. I had been working with Nina Kraviz in the studio, and I was amazed at her ability to do tracks within a few hours. I took it a bit like an exercise, but bringing in that full bass Kilimanjaro Sound—the last EP the guys did together—approach to it. I plugged I microphone and started saying random stuff and quickly edited. I should do more of this; I like the urgent side of it.

Stream the premiere of “Wear Your Cape” below.