Popeska – ‘Heart of Glass’

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Popeska has previewed his latest single “Heart of Glass,” out February 18 on Wolfgang Gartner’s Kindergarten Records. Melding an pop vocal with a melodic progressive house aesthetic, Popeska crafts a soaring, emotive combination of dance vibes with indie sensibilities.

The track is the first in the rising artist’s Sprit Animals release concept, which is a series of three tracks visually symbolized by a cosmic animal. “Heart of Glass” is represented with a horse, with the rest of the trilogy planned Describing the trilogy, Popeska says:

“My music is a collection of beings that have been born out of my head, heart, and soul, and these beings carry my message, with and without words. I imagine these beings as animals, spirit animals, living in the songs, living as the songs, vibrant and colorful and living in a world so very different from our own, yet not so different at all”

Stream a preview of “Heart of Glass” below, and go to Popeska’s Facebook for more information.