Pioneer Unveils CDJ-900NXS, Integrates rekordbox

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Pioneer has announced the January release of the Pioneer CDJ-900NXS, the latest in the company’s line of digital players. The player builds upon the foundation of its CDJ-900 predecessor with additions from the NXS line, with the key feature being the integration of rekordbox music management software. Rekordbox allows users to sync up BPM, Harmonic Key, beatgrids, Hot Cues, loops, and other track information between laptop/PC, smartphones, tablets, and USB sticks, so their music libraries are available anywhere. The CDJ-900NXS features a full color LCD screen with improved track information and browsing in addition to an updated Beat Divide and Slip Loop functions.

Watch a full video walkthrough above. To get more information and purchase the Pioneer CDJ-900NXS, go here.