Pioneer Puts the Nail in the Coffin

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Pioneer's new controller for ITCH software
Digital DJ Rising

Any lack of respect digital DJs may have been feeling from the world of CD or analogue jocks has finally been put to rest.

It started when Numark introduced the NS7 controller, then Denon, Allen & Heath, and Native Instruments, and it’s now in full flower, as Pioneer has revealed its DDJ-S1 (pictured left) and DDJ-T1 controllers for use with Serato ITCH and TRAKTOR, respectively.

What does it mean? With a big player like Pioneer getting involved, nightclubs will further get on board with digital technology’s legitimacy. And with two microphone inputs with talkover, it’s a grab for mobile jocks as well.

Of course, in the $1,500 range, these will be the most expensive DJ controllers on the market. Will Pioneer price out the bedroom DJ?

Some deets:

The DDJ-T1 controller comes loaded with TRAKTOR features not available with the standard TRAKTOR LE software. Features include four-channel deck control, loop editing, six effects, recording and quantising features. Plus, a channel fader start function allows DJs to create cue starts through the controller. Note: no turntable inputs.

The DDJ-S1 2-channel controller provides integration with Serato ITCH software, allowing DJs to play music files direct from their laptop without ever touching the keyboard—a.k.a., the “Don’t bother me, I’m e-mailing,” look.

The effect control area allows DJs to add Serato ITCH DJ FX to their mixes, while the master and channel level meters are located centrally on the unit, allowing DJs to monitor the level of the master and each channel while adjusting the volume.

Pioneer’s move into the controller market has long been expected, of course, and teaming with Serato and Traktor simply validates the direction the industry’s been going.

Full reviews to come in a NAMM report later this week, where the products will be unveiled, and a full product review in DJ Times.