Pioneer DJ Unveils USB-Only XDJ-1000 Multiplayer

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CDs are a thing of the past with the announcement of Pioneer DJ’s new XDJ-1000, a USB-only successor to its CDJ-2000NXS.

The XDJ-1000 adopts the same layout, size, and platter as the CDJ-2000NXS and adds a seven-inch touch panel boasting full-color and a high-resolution display. The new touchscreen gives users access to features that were previously relegated to physical buttons.

The touchscreen allows users to quickly access many of the most common functions, including Beat Sync, Hot Cue, and a new function called Beat Jump/Loop move. The Beat Jump function provide users the ability to jump back or forward one, two, or four beats from a playback position without breaking the rhythm of the music, while the Loop Move function can move the loop playback location by one, two, or four beats. Users can also browse libraries, view and zoom waveforms, search via a pop-up keyboard, and quantize cue points and loops.

The XDJ-1000 includes Pioneer’s rekordbox music management software, allowing users to configure, edit, and save their music libraries to sync across their computers, portable devices, and multiplayers. The app allows remote configuring of cue/loop pints, beat location settings, and waveform analysis on the go, and Pioneer’s rekordbox app for iOS and Android devices allows further portability.

DJs can also utilize the Pro DJ Link feature to enable up to four XDJ-1000 players to connect via the Link Port and share a single music source. USB-HID Control enabled by Serato DJ is planned for the first half of 2015.

The XDJ-1000 will be available in January 2015. Watch a video demo below, and go here for more information.