Pioneer DJ Releases rekordbox 3.0

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Pioneer DJ has rolled out rekordbox 3.0, its largest update to the music management software yet. The new version features an overhauled GUI built from the groud up making managing/editing playlists, searching/selecting tracks, and syncing track information across multiple devices and software.

Pioneer has implemented a new 2-Player mode, adding an on-screen crossfader to let users check the compatibility of two tracks without needing to export them to CDJs and mixers. Enhanced search and select features have also been added, letting DJs click to add preset and custom tags to tracks, preview waveforms directly from playlist, link two tracks for later use together, and receive suggestions for similar songs based on specific rules.

DJs can now customize comments on color-coded cue points, Beat Jump around tracks, and gain one click access to Play/Stop and Cue/Point functions. Pioneer has also implemente a new Playlist Palette, letting DJs view and move tracks between up to five playlists simultaneously. The Sync Manager displays the playlists of multiple devices/software, allowing instantaneous updates to the latest one. On the software performance front, beat grids are more accurate and import/exporting has been streamlined.

Pioneer DJ’s rekordbox 3.0 is available now from