Keep Ultra Music Festival in Miami–Sign the Petition

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In response to City of Miami officials calling to remove Ultra Music Festival from the city following a gate-trampling incident involving a security guard, a new petition posted on urges official to keep the festival in its home of 16 years.

Citing the festival’s low number of annual incidents in relation to its 55,000-plus daily attendance and significant economic impact on the city, organizers have also outlined their collaborations with the city’s personnel, which included the deployment of 257 police officers and 18 undercover officers per day. The implementation of the eight-foot high G8 steel fencing along the perimeter of Bayfront Park and additional chain link fencing and police barricades was also noted. Going forward, the festival is currently conducting a top-to-bottom review of its security protocol.

To get more information and sign the petition, go to its page.

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