Peavey TriFlex II

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Peavey Electronics’ TriFlex II is one choice for mobile DJs who want a transportable audio system for small- to medium-sized gigs while delivering strong bass. Considering its MAP of $899, this is the total package that should get some attention.

The TriFlex II is compact and will fit most SUVs or minivans, but the weight could be an issue for some—more on that later. The TriFlex is three separate speakers: the single, 15-inch, low-end subwoofer fills out the bottom, below a pair of 10-inch speakers. Each of the 10-inch satellites has a 1.4-inch compression driver tweeter.

The three enclosures fit together for transportation with the twin 10-inch driver enclosures dropping into recesses on the front of the sub’s speaker grille. The amplifiers are integrated into the main subwoofer enclosure.

The system weighs 146 pounds and, while one person can push the TriFlex system on casters, I don’t envy a lone DJ at the end of the night trying to disassemble and drag this package home. The sub is constructed from 18-mm MDF with a black acrylic paint coating. The full-range 10-inch boxes have a 45-degree angle (for PA floor-monitor use) or at the juncture of the ceiling and wall for installs. Built-in adaptors allow the satellites to mount on standard 13/8-inch speaker poles.

The sub houses the system’s electronics—its amps deliver 500 watts peak for the sub and 250 watts peak to each satellite. The DDT limiter works well and should keep overly enthusiastic users of the level controls out of trouble. The Peavey TriFlex II is powerful enough to comfortably amplify the typical party with serious bass.
We handed the system over to DJ Tony Roxx for his in-the-field evaluation.

Field Test: In my view, TriFlex II is plenty big for weddings or house parties, but not quite big enough for duty at a larger venue. The satellite speakers are also powered by the sub, so you can’t use them without it. Also, the sub is heavy for lifting in and out of a van or truck. Bring a cohort for co-transport.

That said, this system is built to bump. I pushed it hard at a larger gig I had—I did need to add additional speakers to fill the room—and it definitely is a loud system and I like the way the two smaller speakers fit into the sub like a puzzle for transporting. I would say a smaller bar or venue that wanted a system with some big bass and a few small satellites (but was on a budget) would like the TriFlex.

Depending on your application—and maybe the number of people you have to load and unload the system—TriFlex II could be an affordable PA solution for you.