Pauly D Moving up in the Polls for America's Best DJ

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On the heels of the news that Jersey Shore has wrapped filming its third season, we have no doubt that DJ nation will find it distressing that Pauly D is busting a move up in the polls for America’s Best DJ, among the likes of A-Trak, Mixmaster Mike and Wolfgang Gartner.

The numbers don’t lie.

DJ Skribble, who rocked the house at the wrap-up party at DJ Expo, recently put the Pauly-haters in perspective.

“A lot of people don’t realize that he’s been doing this for over 12 years. He started off as a local DJ, just like myself. I was a local DJ who got on MTV, and that put me in front of the world. He is going through the same thing and I don’t know why people would hate on him. Should Pauly be mentioned [on ABDJ]? Well, he is on TV, he gets all the girls, and he is one of America’s favorites so I think it’s fair for his name to come up. He is using these new platforms like MTV, Twitter, and Facebook to his advantage and he’s got a ton of fans.

“The reality is, every DJ that hates on this kid actually wishes they were him. Pauly caught a break and he is running with it, and that doesn’t make him a bad person, or a bad DJ.”

“I’m jealous and I’m not even a DJ,” said Stu Keohane, a heating duct salesman from Indiana. “I hear he’s getting 10K to play iTunes at gigs. You know how many heating ducts I need to sell to get those numbers?”

Heater haters, beware. ABDJ voting closes on September 6, so rally your troops.

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