April 17, 2014

Pauly D Moving up in the Polls for America's Best DJ

On the heels of the news that Jersey Shore has wrapped filming its third season, we have no doubt that DJ nation will find it distressing that Pauly D is busting a move up in the polls for America’s Best DJ, among the likes of A-Trak, Mixmaster Mike and Wolfgang Gartner.

The numbers don’t lie.

DJ Skribble, who rocked the house at the wrap-up party at DJ Expo, recently put the Pauly-haters in perspective.

“A lot of people don’t realize that he’s been doing this for over 12 years. He started off as a local DJ, just like myself. I was a local DJ who got on MTV, and that put me in front of the world. He is going through the same thing and I don’t know why people would hate on him. Should Pauly be mentioned [on ABDJ]? Well, he is on TV, he gets all the girls, and he is one of America’s favorites so I think it’s fair for his name to come up. He is using these new platforms like MTV, Twitter, and Facebook to his advantage and he’s got a ton of fans.

“The reality is, every DJ that hates on this kid actually wishes they were him. Pauly caught a break and he is running with it, and that doesn’t make him a bad person, or a bad DJ.”

“I’m jealous and I’m not even a DJ,” said Stu Keohane, a heating duct salesman from Indiana. “I hear he’s getting 10K to play iTunes at gigs. You know how many heating ducts I need to sell to get those numbers?”

Heater haters, beware. ABDJ voting closes on September 6, so rally your troops.

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