You wanna open for Paul van Dyk?

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Here’s how DJ Times will make it happen

Gentlemen, submit. That is, submit your MP3s, for a chance at an opening slot for Paul van Dyk at Club Space at the Winter Music Conference. Play the biggest room of your life; raise your profile higher than that mammoth new building in Dubai that no one’s renting; add to your biography, and, one day, tell your grandchildren, or your girlfriend’s grandchildren, that you opened up for a Grammy-nominated DJ…in fact, in 20 years, you can tell the grandkids that PvD warmed up for you. They’ll never know.

Sponsored by DJ Times and PvD’s label, Vandit, the winning DJ will spin on Friday or Saturday, March 26-27.  “Like everyone, at one time I warmed up for other DJs,” van Dyk told us, “and I feel honored that we can give a fellow DJ a chance to share his music with a passionate crowd.”

Full disclosure: This is a competition, and in the interest of keeping the Olympic flame of fairness and integrity alight, any evidence of performance-enhancing drugs will be cause for disqualification. What the winner ingests in the booth during his opening slot, however, is up to the winner. “Just don’t drink my Red Bull,” van Dyk added. He sounded serious.

Your 30-minute mix is due March 17. Bring it. Upload at:

More details and tips to follow…