One Direction – ‘Story of My Life (Sevag Area-201 Remix)’ [Exclusive Premiere]

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Beginning as a full-time financial worker, Sevag left the 9-to-5 world and has become one of the tri-state area’s hottest up-and-coming DJ/producers with a string of monstrous house remixes of pop’s biggest tracks and a residency at New Jersey’s Mister East.

We caught up with Sevag to talk about his roots and influences, as well as his radical remix of One Direction’s “Story of My Life,” which transforms the bubblegum track into a massive EDM corker, complete with melodic glacial synths and a staggering percussive build. Read our chat and exclusively stream the remix below.

Download here.

DJ Times: How did you get started DJing? Producing?
Sevag: I’ve been interested in DJing since the 7th grade considering I grew up listening to house music from a young age. I started DJing and producing when I was a sophomore at Rutgers. I actually spent part of my student-loan money—which was supposed to be for housing and food—on Pioneer CDJs and a DJM [mixer]. I started practicing in my room and eventually started playing house/fraternity parties and worked my way into one of the main campus bars. Although it was real tough during busy season and times where I was working 15-16 hour days, I still continued to DJ/produce while I was working full-time. Fortunately, in the summer of 2012, I was presented with the opportunity to be the resident DJ at Mister East nightclub in New Jersey and that is ultimately what allowed me to make the big transition.

DJ Times: You’re quite prolific with remixes. What goes into picking which tracks to rework?
Sevag: Whenever I remix something I always base it on the following criteria: 1) It has to be an amazing vocal, 2) How popular is the original track? 3) Will it fit well in my sets? 4) Are there any existing remixes already that I can use for my sets? So based on that, I decide on the track.

DJ Times: Who do you cite as influences on your productions and career?
Sevag: When it comes to production and career influences, it’s definitely Axwell and Thomas Gold, and more recently, Kryder and Tom Staar. Those guys always make quality and memorable tracks, something I think every DJ/producer should strive to do. And last, but not least, Roger Sanchez, the first major DJ to believe in me by supporting my productions and giving me the drive and motivation to continue making music and doing what I love.

DJ Times: “Night In Armour” came out on S2G last month. What other original tracks do you have in the pipeline?
Sevag: I actually have several original projects between 75-95-percent done already; however, not all of them will be released. There are two collaborations currently in the pipeline. One of them is an original collaboration with an established artist, but can’t say much until things are actually finalized. More info will be released in the coming weeks so stay tuned.