Obama's Drilling Policy: DJs, Let There be Lights!

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President Obama announced yesterday that large sections of the Eastern Gulf of Mexico and an area off the coast of Virginia would be opened for oil and natural gas drilling, the clearest signal yet from the administration that its energy policy will enable DJs to use more lighting.

“Lighting is a great way to create the ‘Wow’ effect,” says DJ Jason Weldon.

Funny, “Wow” was the very word many environmentalists uttered when they heard the announcement. “So many DJs today use the standard spin and puke or small intelligent lighting fixtures,” says Weldon. “You don’t need to do that. Use the good old, solid ETC Source Four Lekos to create a nice, warm wash on the floor. They give us the most Wow effect and are the simplest fixture with the widest coverage.”

And with the prospect of cheaper energy, there’s no better time for DJs to re-evaluate how they incorporate lighting into their marketing pitch. On average, clients will spend 20% more for the Wow. “Everyone is doing up lighting,” says Weldon. “But what else can you do to get people to choose you over your competition?”

Err, tell them that your competitor’s lighting will induce epilepsy?

“The magic key for lighting is twofold—pictures and demonstrations. You need good, professional pictures of rooms that you have lit, with all different colors, patterns and options. Second is demonstrations—invite your prospects and clients out to see what a room can look like. This will make them want to buy it because it looks so good.”

We asked Weldon if he thought DJs would embrace the new energy policy and plug in and turn on. “Pin spotting,” he said. “Ever thought about showing off your clients’ centerpieces? Cake? Place card table? It’s a great way to draw attention to those overlooked areas.”