Obama and DJ AM Wre$tling Match?

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President Obama has equated his struggle with congressional Republicans over extending the Bush-era tax cuts to a “wrestling match”—the GOP, with a Flying Leg Lock, wishes to extend the cuts, while the Obama administration, employing the Atomic Surfboard, wants to restore the taxes to wage earners making more than $250,000.

This Beltway smack-down coincides with yesterday’s revelation that the California tax board is pursuing $88,000 from the late DJ AM’s estate in unpaid taxes, just days after the one-year anniversary of the DJ’s death. Maybe AM’s financial advisers should have read “I’m 401K, You’re 401K,” or just hired Jazzy Jeff.

AM, real name Adam Goldstein, allegedly failed to pay $88,850 in taxes to the State in 2006 and 2007, according to a creditor’s claim filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Legal documents filed in L.A. a month after Goldstein died from an accidental drug overdose in August last year indicated he owned property worth $3.5 million and an additional $400,000 in assets, but his debts totaled $2.9 million.

Death and taxes.

Here are some choice tax songs….

Taxman – The Beatles

Money – Pink Floyd

Movin’ Out – Billy Joel

Sunny Afternoon – The Kinks

I’d Rather Be Rich – Chicago

Money Money Money – ABBA

Carnival World — Jimmy Buffet