NYC’s When In Robe Party Set for Friday

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When In Robe, are you to do as the Robe-ans do? Only one way to find out!

When In Robe is a brand-new NYC party series that combines two unlikely, yet reasonably delightful elements: spas and dance parties.

Each attendee is outfitted with his or her own robe and can then traverse between saunas, hot tubs, steam rooms, and a specially equipped DJ room that includes a fireplace and… free food. This weekend’s party happens on Friday, March 14th at Body by Brooklyn, which advertises itself as a luxury Euro spa.

Billed as a release party for Gibbz, whose EP “Who Gibbz A F#@$,” drops this week, the event will see Gibbz joined on the decks by Pomo, BRANX, Business Casual Disco and When In Robe’s very own Resident DJ, Subset. Check out Gibbz’s new EP: HERE.

The party has traditionally taken place on Sundays, so this chapter will have an extra special, Ready for the Weekend vibe. Frankly, we’re surprised it’s taken folks this long to come up with a party concept where you don’t have to worry about dressing up to get down. Limited tickets will be sold. Learn more about When In Robe HERE.

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