Numark's Digital Developments at NAMM

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Numark's 4-channel NS-6 controller/mixer for Serato ITCH.
As easy as e-mail

One piece of gear that got tongues wagging at NAMM was the Numark NS6—a 4-channel digital controller/mixer for Serato ITCH software. Hold on to your tongue and check it here. (Gracias Unique Squared)

Then wash your hands.

We like the fact that this slimmed down NS7FX is a DJ controller that’s also a standalone 4-channel mixer with effects.

NS7’s Strip Search virtual needle drop technology has been enhanced; the NS-6 adds position indicators that allow you check your track position—one less reason to look like you’re e-mailing at the console.

At $999, it won’t hit stores until June, but you can dream, can’t you?

More NAMM wrap-up to come.