Nocs Readies Release of NS900 Live Headphones

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A quality pair of headphones can make the difference between a good mix and a great mix, and Nocs plans to provide this with its upcoming NS900 Live headphones. Sound quality is the obvious priority for the NS900 Live, with custom titanium drivers giving a well-balanced sound that is a closed, dynamic, and clean. From a production standpoint, the headphones feature exchangeable earcushions, a resizing slider function, and a PVD-coated stainless steel headband paired with an internal headband secured by steel hex screws. A set of three exchangeable cables comes included in the box: 1.4 m coiled cable for any device with headphone output, a 1.2 m flat cable with remote and microphone for iPhone and iPod, and a 1.2 m flat cable with remote and microphone for Android and Windows phone devices.

The NS900 Live headphones are available for preorder now at Nocs’ website. The first production units ship at the end of December, so look for a review in the new year!