October 25, 2014


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HEE-HAW: The Challenges of Barn Events for Mobile DJs


Sarah and Tim’s wedding reception in the coastal town of Wiscasset, Maine, was set in a storybook location: Fresh-cut flowers, a colorful venue that overlooks a river, a manicured lawn where guests could enjoy cocktails before dinner, and an expansive ballroom-sized dancefloor for guests to ...

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Mobile Profile: DJ Greg Mixes Deck Savvy With “Nice”


Howell, N.J.—DJ Greg’s career epiphany occurred while at college—and not in the classroom, but at parties. It’s where he found his vocation. “During my second year of college, I was always being asked to DJ at parties and at friends’ weddings,” he recalls. “That’s when it first hit me: ‘Hey, I ...

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Freemasons: Shakedown 3


Divas, drama, and disco moments: These are just a few of the essential ingredients of the Freemasons. The Brighton, England-based DJ/production duo—Russell Small and James Wiltshire—achieved club ubiquity with a series of seminal reworks of pop smashes from Beyoncé, Kylie Minogue, and Kelly ...

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Andy C: Pioneering D-N-B


Andy C is inarguably the world’s most popular drum-n-bass DJ. Holding this position for the last two decades, he is also one of the most genial fellows in electronic-dance music with very few gaps in his gigging schedule. The multi-tasking DJ/producer/label owner (aka Andrew John Clarke) is ...

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Worlds Apart: From Seven Lions’ Improbable Musical Beginnings to His Meticulous Studio Work


Las Vegas — With his dedication to stunning melodies and intricate soundscapes, it’s hard to believe that Seven Lions’ musical beginnings lie in extreme-metal and punk-rock bands. With a dizzying ascent to electronic-music stardom spurred on by a contest-winning remix of Above & Beyond’s ...

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