April 16, 2014


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WMC's IDMA Awards, The Fuzz and a Weak Bladder

The IDMA Awards were held last night, or was that two nights ago? Where are we? Who is that drinking our water bottle in our room? Whose room is this? Why are you putting cuffs on me? Ha ha. Wait, no, really. Why are you dressed like a cop? Why ...

Colorado DJ's iPhone App Fights Halitosis

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  • March 12, 2010

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The days of barf-breathed barflies getting all up in your face to request a song may be over, according to one very wired Colorado DJ, who rigged a way to allow guests to make requests with an iPhone or iPod Touch. Bobby Sorden, owner of ...

Cedric Gervais Pumps EuroBabes out of Alligator Boots

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  • March 11, 2010

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OK, so one night we catch reality-show star DJ Pauly D playing an overlarge Irish pub in Wantagh, on Long Island’s South Shore. The next evening, we somehow manage to mingle with the overly fashionable crowd at Kiss & Fly, in Manhattan’s ...

Team Ultra: Deadmau5, will.i.am & DJ Times

Wha? Where? Who? Few things outside of the U.S. national debt are larger than WMC’s Ultra Music Festival (OK, you’re thinking Kirstie Alley’s belt-size, but we won’t go there), and on March 26-27, DJ Times will make the event a ...