New Year's Resolutions: RIP?

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man in coffin, profile shot
Corpse? Or your goals?

We’ve all had a month to procrastinate or ignore our New Year’s resolutions. Although we’ve personally been pretty vigilant with ours—we vowed to overthrow a Tunisian and an Egyptian regime—not everyone can claim such lofty success.

With 2011 marking his 25th year as a mobile DJ—he entertained for his first gig at age 13—Brendan Lafferty was already planning a few New Year’s resolutions even before the ball dropped in New York.

“Number one, I’m trying to have a more positive outlook on everything industry-related,” says Lafferty, owner of B-Sharp Entertainment. “Next up, I’m finally getting a new website up and running. My existing site is nearly eight years old and, although I’ve kept the content relatively fresh and get lots of compliments on it, it just doesn’t impress me anymore. The new design will be much more elegant.

“Gear-wise, I’m planning to streamline things a bit. In the past, I’ve invested thousands of dollars to have the biggest, newest and coolest—and especially when it comes to lighting options. Nowadays, I’m focusing more on gear that truly helps bring in more business and more money.

“As a one-man company, it’s important that I’m able to deliver a great experience to my clients; and at the same time I can’t be overworking myself with big and heavy setups.

“On the other hand, maybe I should just join a gym!”

Lafferty’s working towards his goals, tell us about your own….