New Year Resolutions to 'Roid Your Bottom Line

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Make your business grow

This is a time of year when gyms are overflowing with customers. Why? The New Year begins and we all endeavor to make this one the best ever–be it business or personal.  We all want to improve, be better. Here are a few reminders to help keep you in the mindset of improvement.

Create a sentence that describes what you do. For instance: “I am James from AB DJ and I am in the business of creating lasting memories.”

Every event is a showcase. Go that extra mile with service and tailored music programming. If you say you are an artist, treat this as your “gallery show.”

Create at least one moment at every event that is so unique, it leaves everyone talking. This is your signature, something that folks will remember and seek out. Are you interviewing the couple preceding the gig so you can incorporate their story into your event? You should be.

Keep a mailing list of all your clients and potential clients. If possible, also keep a list of their birthdays and important dates. This offers you a great way to keep in touch.

Make it your business to call back all your clients after each event and ask them what you could have done better. This can be your best learning tool, and gives your clients permission to vent.

Your most powerful tool is word of mouth. Every single guest at any event you do is a potential client. If possible, get as many names as possible for your mailing list, or make sure you leave a very happy client.

Do not hesitate to ask a happy client for the names of three of their friends who might be having an upcoming event, and give them a call.

Keep in touch with your vendors and banquet managers. Make a verbal agreement with them to recommend each other.

Work at least two hours a day to get clients. This, without question, should be your number one business practice. If you invest this time, you’ll get your clients.