Nero – ‘Satisfy’

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It’s been a long three years since Welcome Reality, but the wait is over for new Nero material with the release of the group’s new single “Satisfy.” The new track is a return to the dark electro of the trio’s first album, focusing on a more beat-driven approach than the atmospheric ambiance of “Into The Past” from the soundtrack of 2013’s The Great Gatsby.

After an extended intro of Alana Watson’s ethereal vocals, the track launches into a apocalyptic frenzy of filthy synths and relentless 909s. Throbbing basslines are pitted against lush beat breaks, heightening the dramatic push-pull tension throughout the track. Flirting with elements of both techno and electro, the single serves as a welcome comeback for the group, whose sophomore album is due later this year.

“Satisfy” is available now. Stream the track below and go to for more information.