NAMM 2014: Pioneer DDJ-SZ & Remix-Station 500

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Pioneer DJ has announced the expansion of its controller and live performance accessories with the Pioneer DDJ-SZ and the Remix-Station 500. The upcoming Pioneer DDJ-SZ was created with professional software DJs in mind, and is described as the “Big Daddy” of Pioneer DJ’s controller lineup by Marketing Director David Arevalo. Optimized for the latest version of Serato DJ, the DDJ-SZ features two large jog wheels, each flanked with four effects buttons and eight velocity-sensitive performance pads. The on-board mixer packs an oscillator with four sound effects, four sound color FX functions and DVS functionality.

The Pioneer DDJ-SZ will be available in March with an MSRP of $2,399 and the first 5,000 units will be bundled with a free copy of the Serato Video plug-in.

Full product details are below.

Pioneer DDJ-SZ Product Details

Big JOG Wheel – The most noticeable CDJ PRO gear integration to the DDJ-SZ is its large 8.1-inch JOG wheels.  The JOG wheels provide instantaneous response and excellent operability for accurate and smooth scratching and mixing performance.  The center of each JOG wheel also features “ON JOG display” to illustrate playback status, cue points and position.  In addition, the unit offers a JOG FEELING ADJUST to enable users to change the resistance of the wheel from light to heavy for a customize feel.


Performance Pads – Directly below each JOG wheel are four effects buttons – HOT CUE, ROLL, SLICER and SAMPLER.  Under the effects buttons are eight extra large velocity sensitive “performance pads” that DJs can quickly access to insert different modified effects to music playing. In Sampler mode, the output volume of the sampler effects also varies depending on the strength of user’s tap of the pad.  An update from the current DDJ-S controllers, the performance pads on the DDJ-SZ illuminate in different colors to quickly communicate the effect mode it is in.


Dual USB Ports – The DDJ-SZ includes two USB ports to enable simultaneous connection of two computers. Users can instantly switch between two computers for seamless transitions between two DJs or as additional music sources.


High-End Mixer – The mixing area of the DDJ-SZ also closely mimics Pioneer’s DJM series of professional mixers, utilizing a generous number of controls and effects with features including Sound Color FX and new Oscillator functions to deliver more creative music arrangements.  The mixer can also be used as a standalone 4-channel mixer for outboard players and turntables.


Oscillator – The new Oscillator on the right side of the mixer provides four types of sound effects: Noise, Siren, Cymbal and Horn.  A quick touch of the buttons activates the effect(s), which can also be modified in amplitude (volume) to add to the music currently playing.

Sound Color FX – The mixer includes four Sound Color FX functions (Pitch, Jet, Echo and Filter), which add numerous audio effect combinations and arrangements to currently playing music with a simple twist of the knobs.  Through Serato DJ’s beats per minute (BPM) analysis, users can also synchronize Echo effects to the BPM of currently playing music.

DVS Functionality – The controller can support DVS (Digital Vinyl System)1 using control tone to enable an external player to be used as a Serato DJ deck.


MAGVEL Cross Fader – For extremely smooth transitions and high durability between the DDJ-SZ’s players, the unit features a MAGVEL cross fader (the same component used in Pioneer’s DJM-900SRT) that utilizes a contact-free magnetic system that can withstand more than 10 million operations.   The “cut in” time of the cross fader can also be customized to the user’s preference.


Additional Features

Serato DJ Software – The new Serato DJ software2 is bundled with the DDJ-SZ for an easy out-of-the-box experience.

Slip Mode – While activated, Slip Mode silently continues song playback during a performance loop, scratch or hot cue and resumes audible playback when the loop, scratch, or hot cue operation is ended, creating smoother and more seamless transitions.

Needle Search – Users can immediately jump to a specific part of a music track with a simple touch of the Needle Search pad.

High Quality Audio – Two built-in 24-bit soundcards, low-jitter clock and a Wolfson high-performance digital-to-analog converter (DAC) are used for accurate audio playback.  In addition to a 32-bit Digital Signal Processor to minimize digital noise, its balanced-hybrid operational amplifier and balance output circuit also reduce analog circuit noise.

Built-in Sound Card (audio interface)

P-LOCK Fader Cap – Prevents the fader knob from slipping off during extreme use.

Auto Standby – Automatically switches to standby mode when no activity or input is detected for a period of time.

Pioneer DJ’s other big hardware reveal was the Remix-Station 500, which aims to enhance DJ performances with its ability to seamlessly create sound effects with a simple push of its buttons. The accessory can be added to nearly any DJ rig and is comprised of three main sections: Rhythm FX, Scene FX, and Release FX. Rhythm FX offers five audio effects—Roll, Trans, Add, Rev Delay, and Offset—that manipulate parts of audio to create new rhythms at a rate defined by its large, pressure-controllable knob. The Rhythm FX section also contains five Instrument buttons—Kick, Snare, Clap, Hi Hat, and Cymbal—and a 4-beat sequencer. The Scene FX section incorporates five Build Up and five Break Down effects, while the Release FX section allows the user to either eliminate all track audio or FX audio at will.

The full product features for the Remix-Station 500 are below, with photos available in the gallery. The unit will be available in February for $499. For more information, go to

Pioneer DJ Remix-Station 500 Features

Rhythm FX

The Rhythm FX section of the REMIX-STATION 500 offers five audio effects, ROLL, TRANS, ADD, REV DELAY and OFFSET, which cuts up and manipulates parts of the music playing to produce new rhythms.  The effects can be increased and decreased with a turn of the large knob as well as altered when the knob is pushed down, activating the pressure controller.


The Rhythm FX section also incorporates five Instrument buttons (KICK, SNARE, CLAP, HI HAT and CYMBAL), each offering six different patterns of sound that can be added with a simple touch. The unit also features a 4-Beat Sequencer with an OVER DUB button, and when activated, enables users to record one bar of each instrument button for more unique sound effects playback.  The OVER DUB can also be deactivated after the recording process and while playback occurs, to then give users the ability to tap each button for additional instrument sounds.


Scene FX

In the Scene FX section, users can choose from five Build Up effects and five Break Down effects.  The Build Up effects, consisting of MOD, ECHO, NOISE, SPIRAL UP and REVERB UP, add sounds, while Break Down effects, consisting of HPF, LPF, ZIP, SPIRAL DOWN and REVERB DOWN, cut sounds.  The large knob increases or decreases the parameters of the chosen effect with a simple turn as well as changes the effects with a push of the knob.  Two sub-parameters knobs are also available for additional changes to the effects being produced.


Release FX

The system also includes a Release FX button that eliminates the current music playing and leaves only the sound effects when activated.  Release FX can also be used to create the opposite effect: When the button is disengaged, all section effects are eliminated while the original music continues to play.  Three types of Release FX are available, Vinyl Brake, Echo, and Back Spin.


Plug-in Software

Using the included REMIX-STATION 500 VST/AU/RTAS plug-in software, users can create the same types of music production and effects while producing on a computer.  In addition, connecting the device to a computer enables it to act as a controller for music production.


Additional Features

QUANTIZE function enables real-time music analysis and synchronization of effects along with the beat of the music

AUTO BPM function automatically measures and follows the tempo of music

Compact design for easy portability and convenience

USB-MIDI for use as a MIDI controller

Mountable on Pioneer’s T-U101 (X-Stand)