DJs at Musikmesse: Teutons of Fun

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medival engraving of Frankfurt

Frankfurt, medieval style

Frankfurt, Germany—OK, after a night in Frankfurt draining steins of beer and eating some kind of braut with raging Teutons, we’re back with Round 2 from the Musikmesse, which runs through Saturday. Yesterday, we dished on some cool new controller items for DJs. Today, we’ll look at even more DJ-specific gear, plus some pro-audio and studio entries from long-standing manufacturers. Here goes:

Stanton’s Control System 4DJ, SCS.1 updates and CMP.800 player: Stanton showed its Control System 4DJ, which includes a built-in computer, software and controller. Updates to Stanton’s SCS.1 Control System 1 include the SCS.1m and the SCS.1d with built-in FireWire interface, assignable encoders and 2-way software control with expanded presets, new ASIO drivers, updated firmware and DaRouter software. Also, the company showed its CMP.800 multi-format player with MIDI controller, which allows DJs access to their entire music library.

Cerwin-Vega’s CVi Series and KRK’s ROKIT RP10-3, 12sHO and 12s: Related companies Cerwin-Vega and KRK also offered up some new pro-audio gear. Cerwin-Vega displayed its CVi Passive Portable PA Speaker Series, which includes two full-range units (CVi-152 and CVi-252) and two subwoofers (CVi-118S and CVi-218S). KRK exhibited its ROKIT RP10-3 Mid-Field, 3-way, studio monitor system and the KRK12sHO and HRK12s powered subwoofers.

Korg’s Monotribe Analog Ribbon Station: At the Korg booth, the Monotribe Analog Ribbon Station offered analog synthesis, 3-part discrete analog rhythm section, and Electribe-style pattern sequencing, plus built-in speakers and battery power for ears portability. The system expects to be available this summer.

Harman Brands—JBL Professional, Crown, AKG & Lexicon: JBL Pro showed its EON210P active system, which includes two 10-inch, 2-way speakers, an 8-channel mixer with four digital effects, two 15-foot speaker cables and storage compartment. JBL also showed the powered EON515XT, an improved 2-way system that replaces the EON515.

Crown showed its XTi 2 Series of portable amplifiers—the XTi 2 1002, 2002, and 4002 weigh 18.5 pounds and the XTi6002 weighs in at 24 pounds. MAP prices ranging from $499-$1999.

AKG showed its WMS 40 MINI wireless system, the DMS700 V2 digital wireless microphone system, and the WMS 470 wireless microphone system, which operates up to 16 channels simultaneously within the same frequency band and up to 48 channels by using multiple frequency bands. Lexicon introduced its PCM Native Effects Plug-In Bundle and PCM Native Total Bundle software packages.