Movement Detroit Artists Premiere Tracks Inspired by Ford Focus Factory

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The three-day Movement Electronic Festival kicks off this weekend at Detroit, MI’s Hart Plaza, and Ford has brought together dance music with the city’s storied automotive manufacturing history in honor of the event.

Detroit Movement Festival performers Ataxia and Secrets visited the factory in which Ford builds its Focus Electric car. While there, both artists captured live audio from the manufacturing plant, and used that audio as samples in brand new tracks. The process was documented in a behind-the-scenes video, which you can watch below.

Ford described the idea behind the project. In its own words:

“Detroit is uniquely tied to the origins of the electronic music scene. In the 1980’s variations of electronic music stemmed from inspirations of industry, including the automotive sector. With the Movement festival this weekend at Motown’s Hart Plaza, Ford collaborated with the event’s promoter Paxahau to pay homage to the history of the genre – while combining it with Detroit’s other claim to fame: auto manufacturing. 

We took Movement performers Ataxia and Secrets to our Michigan Assembly Plant where we build our Focus and Focus Electric cars and turned them loose. They captured the sounds of the car being built, and transformed it into tracks that will debut live at Movement.

These tracks capture the sounds of assembly, delivering a music experience which once again ties the automotive industry with electronic music. “

You can stream and download the tracks from Ataxia and Secrets below.