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By Ed Haas

With many DJs generating as much as 90-percent of their bookings via their website, it’s obvious that a web strategy can be the most important aspect of your business—even more than your DJing ability and your 25,000 songs.

So, let’s say you’ve got your web presence established (presumably you’ve hired someone to build it), but you want to avoid paying up to $200 an hour to a specialist to get your Search Engine Optimization strategy established.

Before you plunk down any more cash, your thinking about SEO should be an awareness that Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines are clients, or customers, and each page of your website is a box. Put simply, your customers want to know what’s in the box, what shelf it’s on and the address of your store.

Google, ever interested in maximizing their customer’s ability to use its products, lays out how to best do this in a downloadable Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide []. Very helpful, and you don’t need an IT degree or coding ability in order to navigate it.

Also, you can try Google’s Webmaster Central [] pages.


Here are some tips to get you started on the path to SEO competency:


• Location, location: Every page of your website has an address, or URL. When possible, keep the address short and clean—without equal signs, punctuation characters or underscores—and use detailed keywords that are relevant to the page. So, for instance:– is better than!?id=4S.view=buy_DJ_wedding


• The world is flat: All of your web pages need to link to one another—but you want to keep things as “flat” as possible, meaning that each page can be accessed with only one or two mouse clicks. Any more than that, and you risk driving people away from your site. One word: simple.


What’s in a name?: A lot. While you might overlook the title bar atop each browser window, search engines do not. Endow each page with a concise, unique, keyword-driven title. If you’re selling wedding DJ services, don’t title your page “things to buy on your special day.”


• ’Splain: In the description field, enter a few sentences about the content of that page. Think of it as text in a buyer’s catalog. What makes your DJ service special? Are you spinning video? Do you accept song requests on-site via twitter? If so, explain.

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