Mixware Issues Update About Vestax Japan Bankruptcy

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After months of rumors swirling, Japanese DJ equipment manufacturer Vestax officially filed for bankruptcy earlier this month.

However, despite Vestax Japan’s operations reportedly having ceased earlier in the year, a new announcement from Mixware implies that this isn’t the last for the brand. Mixware—US representative and distributor—has issued the following statement:

“The bankruptcy procedure was a necessary first step into the rebuilding of Vestax Japan and Vestax brand. Measures, engineering team, new product designs and financial support are already in place to support the rebuilding process and more information will be published by Vestax Japan during the course of the first semester 2015.

This process will definitely take some time before the first new Vestax products reach the worldwide markets but we’re confident that once again under the leadership of its original founders, Vestax will soon reemerge as a strong innovative brand as it has always been.”

We’ll post more information as it becomes available. For now, go to Mixware.net.

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