Mixed In Key 6 Update Released with Improved Key Analysis

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Mixed in Key has entered 2014 with a the release of Mixed In Key 6, which adds an improved analysis algorithm and a slew of other features to the popular harmonic key detection software. The new update’s main feature is an upgrade to its harmonic detection algorithm, which allows it to analyze a track’s key in 6.83 times greater detail, thereby increasing its accuracy. Mixed in Key 6 also adds the ability to edit a track’s Energy Level, for both the entire track and specific portions of it

Also new to the update is the ability to import playlists straight from iTunes, a built-in Grand Piano to verify key results, and a clickable Camelot Wheel allowing users to quickly browse all tracks in a specific key for use in harmonic mixing. All of these new features come with Mixed in Key’s ID3 tag integration, allowing all song keys and energy levels to be visible across Traktor, Serator, Pioneer’s rekordbox, and most other DJ software.

Mixed In Key 6 is available now. To purchase or upgrade, as well as more information on its features, go to MixedInKey.com/Upgrade.

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