Miss Kittin: Less Gear, More Music

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For this story, we connected with Miss Kittin from Paris, just as she was experiencing two distinctly different, but no less momentous occasions.

Just as she prepared for the release of her expansive double-CD Calling From the Stars [wSphere], she announced that she was selling many of her studio’s analog prizes—like the Roland Jupiter-8 synth she bought in 1997.

But the always forthcoming Miss Kittin—aka Caroline Hervé, 39—had a great attitude about it all. As excited as she was about the upcoming album—which includes nervy electro cuts like “Bassline” and warped, ethereal moments like “Silver Lake”—she was philosophical about saying goodbye to the much-coveted gear.

“Now everybody can make music with a cheap computer,” she says. “But all my vintage pieces are filled with 20 years of love for music, and I am honored to pass them to the new generation.” Here’s how it went:

DJ Times: What got you into DJing?

Miss Kittin: I fell in love with rave parties and early electronic music in 1989-90. I knew all the tracks, was hitch-hiking to listen to all DJs possible, but never intended to be one myself until my friends pushed me to try it.

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