Michael Calfan & Spinnin’ Donate to Fight Against Ebola with ‘Treasured Soul’

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After a long wait, fans are in striking distance of an official release of Michael Calfan’s much-anticipated single “Treasured Soul” via Spinnin’ Records.

“Treasured Soul” is a piano-driven progressive track sprinkled with house tendencies. Steel drum percussion and a chanting chorus recall the shining summer sun, and the track’s topline is endlessly uplifting and euphoric.

For the release, Calfan and Spinnin’ have decided to donate all of the proceeds from the track toward the fight against Ebola as part of The Treasured Soul Project. Fans can also go to MichaelCalfan.com and sign up themselves and loved ones to enter to win special goodie packages from Michael Calfan and Spinnin’ Records.

Listen to “Treasure Soul” below ahead of its release on December 8.