Michael Brun Shares His Top 5 Production Tips

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It’s been a busy year for Michael Brun.

At just 22 years old, the Haitian DJ/producer launched his own label Kid Coconut earlier this summer and has released the singles ”Zenith” and “Sun In Your Eyes” through it in the months since. With a style that merges Haitian rhythms with a particularly melodic take on progressive house, Brun has carved out a signature style like few others. Of course, these accomplishments are magnified even further when you consider the fact that Brun has achieved this while on a sanctioned break from his pre-med studies.

Amidst his crowded tour dates—which have included Ultra Music Festival and Coachella and an performance at New York City’s Marquee Nightclub—Brun shared his top 5 tips for producers in the studio.

Try to write an idea a day
I’ve been sticking by this rule for the last year or so and it’s been really rewarding to see all of the tracks that have come out of this. Even if you keep the ideas very simple—even a quick four-chord progression or a simple drum rhythm—you’ll have loads of ideas to go back to and review when you’re in a creative slump.

Organize your project folders
If you’re writing an idea a day, your project folders and files can start to look a bit messy, so what I do is organize my projects every few months into a few different categories: good, decent, bad, and delete. I do this so that I know what’s worth checking out again.

Go through all your sample packs and pick out your favorites to make a custom pack
This is such an important trick to really developing your own sound. It’s a painstaking process, but once you’ve sorted through all of your sample packs and picked out your favorite sounds, you’ll have a nice custom bank to get ideas flowing quickly.

Remove any unused VSTs
It’s easy to get caught up with all of the latest software instruments and effects, but I feel like sometimes less is more. Try to really delve deep into a few different VSTs and understand them completely. You’ll be able to get a lot more out of each plugin and your CPU and HDD will be happy for it too!

Reference on your laptop speakers
I’ve found that referencing on your laptop speakers is a pretty helpful way to see if you’re on the right track with your mix. You can then use your monitors or headphones to really dial in any specific mix issues. I’ve found that most people listen to my music in the car or on their laptops (even more so than the club), so getting the mix to sound good on those systems is pretty important.

Stream Michael Brun’s remix of Mako’s “Our Story” below.