Markus Schulz Releases 11-Hour Set from Toronto’s Guvernment

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In a time when the average festival set lasts one hour, a performance like Markus Schulz’s 11-hour marathon at Toronto’s The Guvernment—now available to stream via his Soundcloud—is much more than just a rarity.

Recorded on September 20, 2014, the set is taken from Schulz’s last-ever performance at the club, which is set to close permanently in January 2015. The set is a two-part trance odyssey that makes the makes “extended” an extreme understatement.

The club was an important place in Schulz’s career, as he had played the venue many times over the years. The America’s Best DJ 2014 winner expressed the significance of the club by leaving a personal message on a post on his website about the emotional set, saying:

“Hello friends,

Checking in with you following a ridiculously hectic summer with a couple of treats, in an effort to say thank you. 

Throughout my career, I am privileged to have had the opportunity to build my legacy at some of the world’s greatest and iconic clubs – venues held in the highest esteem and provide crucial building blocks towards the scene we love.

And one of those clubs lies in the Canadian city of Toronto; quite simply, The Guvernment.

As my name began to spread beyond the years of local residencies in Phoenix and Miami, Toronto was among the first cities worldwide to embrace me and what I represented. Through the early Armada nights, they made me feel like one of their own – something that continued through their magical Labour of Love events. Alongside the main Guvernment room, the amazing Koolhaus next door played home to some of the most important nights in my DJ life.

When doors opened for me to be able to perform in the domain I love the most – the open to close solo sets – I wanted them to take place in the venues which would do them justice – and The Guvernment fit the bill. And when they finally happened, they exceeded the expectations of all of us.

Sadly, earlier this summer, it was announced that The Guvernment complex would close its doors for good this coming January, and a cherished piece of clubbing land would cease. Fortunately, I was given the chance to pay tribute to the people of Toronto, and The Guvernment itself, with one final solo set, and going for the duration record.

So as a thank you to the people of Toronto, and also to everyone worldwide for your support throughout another year, this is a small way of giving back and saying thanks. 

I present you the entire set recorded from The Guvernment, and on top of that, I’m also giving away my much requested Dakota track Doors Open – all 22 minutes of it. Hope that you guys will enjoy the treats, and that you will share and embrace the love and gratitude for The Guvernment nightclub, the promoters, staff and DJs who graced the decks, and the people of Toronto who made it special.

With love,



Stream the full mix via the Soundcloud links below.