Marco Bailey Chronicles Career in Documentary

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With almost 20-years in techno music, Marco Bailey is no stranger to the dance scene. However, not many know much about the Belgian DJ/producer. To give fans insight into his life, Marco Bailey has released a new documentary on YouTube chronicling his long career from the early 90s rave scene to today’s dance explosion. Produced by Lucky Life TV, the 23-minute documentary features interviews with friends, colleagues, and fellow artists (including Carl Cox and John Digweed), as well as Bailey himself. In it, the producer/DJ discusses how he got his start, as well as the big moments that shaped his career.

Speaking of his decision to make a documentary, Bailey said:

“I decided to create a documentary so fans and people all over the world, who are interested in techno, could understand a bit more about who I am. I wanted to show where I come from, how it started and perhaps prove that paying to become popular -something I see happens too much nowadays on the social networks and pools- isn’t fooling anyone. If you want it, you must work HARD for it!”

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