Map the Road to Remixer Riches–at DJ Expo

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As far as metrics for success go, is there any greater thrill than a DJ spinning his own remix in front of 10,000 people?

Tough to top, sure, but the dream can be reality. Find out how you can negotiate your own path to remixer glory at the DJ Expo, Wednesday August 18 at 5 pm, when a team of DJ/remixers gather for a seminar, “The Producers.” Helmed by DJ Times Editor Jim Tremayne, the panel will discuss the modern career roadmap for music makers. Panelists include DJ Times cover boy DJ Skribble, hot remix duo The Disco Fries, DJ/producer Chris “The Greek” Panaghi of DJG Productions, versatile radio/remix/production duo Harris & Hohman, Code Red Records chief Gary Deane, Vinyl Life producer/DJ Times contributor Phil Moffa, and studio maven/DJ Times contributor Dave Gadbois.

In the current DJ Times cover story, Skribble describes the ultimate remixer’s dream, which occurred on his recent USO tour of the Mideast.

“In Syria, we played in net tents and when I finished up my set the commander of the base ripped his combat patch off his arm and told me, ‘This has been in a lot of shit—I want you to have it because you came here to see me.’ It was just incredible. The last show that we did was in Tikrit, which was the hometown of Saddam Hussein. We played in a soccer stadium where he used to execute people, and now we were performing for 10,000 American soldiers. It gave me chills every night. I was able to drop my “Born The U.S.A.” remix that I had done in the past. I never really got to play it the way I wanted to before, but in Iraq I was able to play it and watch it do what I wanted it to do.”

Skribble and Anthony Acid are currently working on the Midi Mafia remix to “Last Call” off the Jersey Shore Soundtrack.

“The bounce is on, boys & girls,” Skribble tweeted.

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