‘Logical Evolution’: Chus + Ceballos on Debut Album, Label, & The House Explosion

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When it comes to Chus + Ceballos, both the weather and the house music are always tropical. The Spanish DJ/production pair—consisting of Chus L. Esteban and J. Pablo Ceballos—has played to crowds across the globe together for well over a decade, amassing a rabid fanbase with their joyous sets and bouncing productions. With the duo’s unwavering dedication to drums, parties, and their signature ‘Iberican Sound,’ it’s no doubt that summer’s always in season when Chus + Ceballos are playing a club or festival.

The boys caught up with us amidst an absolutely packed set of summer tour dates, discussing their forthcoming debut album, the explosion of deeper sounds in dance music, and their Stereo Productions label.

DJ Times: You’re in the process of finishing your album. What’s gone into the process of creating it and when is it due to be released?
Chus + Ceballos: This is going to be our first-ever album and it has been a very exciting and challenging project. We want to give to our fans something a bit more musical than what they are used to hearing from us, so we are cooking up an album that can be listened to in the privacy of your living room or while dancing at a private party. We are working hard to deliver the best of us. We are going to collaborate with some great singers and musicians from all over the world and we are expecting to release it this upcoming winter. Stay tuned!

DJ Times: You played as part of New York City’s Pride festivities. Are playing Pride parties different from playing other events?
C+C: We’ve been playing and attending circuit events since the beginning of our career. We always had a great connection with the GLS community and we love to play for them. Pride is the best one of the year and the one that everyone is always looking forward to, so it is more than just special for so many reasons. The energy at Pride events is amazing, and everyone at them is extremely excited and looking to have a memorable experience. As you know, they take over big cities with parades, street events and large parties, so people are beyond excited. It’s their magic day, so yes, to play at Pride is completely different and always a great experience for us.

DJ Times: There seems to have been a trend shifting toward a deeper house sound in the US recently. Do you think there’s a specific reason for this?
C+C: Not just in the US; there is a shift that is happening worldwide. Electronic music is always changing and evolving. After the big explosion of EDM and electro, it is quite normal that music starts turning and evolving into something deeper; it’s a logical evolution. Music moves in cycles and it is always looking for something new and refreshing.

DJ Times: How do you both balance touring and producing while also managing your label Stereo Productions?
C+C: Music for us is not a job; it is is a way of life. There is no other way than hard work. We are always traveling, so we have to take every single opportunity for work—anytime and everywhere—especially during summer time when there are no days off. It is not easy at all, but we do it with a pleasure because it is our passion and the reason why we are here. We have to mention that we have a great team working with us. They help us to organize bookings and tour dates, artist management, label management, and community management, allowing us to keep our efforts on DJing and music making.

DJ Times: What else is in store for Chus + Ceballos fans in 2014?
C+C: We are always immersed in new projects. In fact, we have just finished our annual various artist summer compilation Balearica. It includes some new releases as well as some of our best remixes. It’s a very fresh and sexy summer package, coming out July 14 on iTunes. We’ve also just released two new singles: the first one is with Leonardo Gonnelli and called ’Soledad’ on our own imprint Stereo Productions, and the other one called ‘La Colombiana’ coming out on Christian Smith’s Tronic Music, label. We invite you guys to check them out and enjoy them as much as we do!

Listen to Chus + Ceballos’ set from Montreal’s Stereo Nightclub below and go to ChusCeballos.com for tour dates and more information.

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