Left-Coast Flavor: Feeling the Love at the Festival by the Lake

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Matt Darey

Silverado, Calif.—Some are too big. Others? Too small. This one was juuuust right.

Whether you call it a massive, a festival or a gathering (or even a rave, though that one conjures up images of ghetto warehouses, so we’ll avoid that), EDM gatherings are on the rise in popularity. However, a quick crowd scan at Love Festival at Oak Canyon in Silverado, Calif., would estimate attendance at around 2,500 colorful kandi kids.

While the Go Ventures annual event—which also has Hawaii and Las Vegas incarnations—may have gotten off to a late start this past Saturday, Aug. 20, something about the vibe was pretty close to perfect. Maybe less is more in the terms of attendance, because those who were there in front of two stages around Lake Irvine were definitely in the know—they were real dance music fans, all about trance and house.

“I think the main reason [I’ve played so many gigs and stayed relevant] is thanks to DJ Reza,” said Swedish Egil of the head of Go Ventures. “He gave me the opportunity to play and has booked me regularly and a lot of kids see those events.”

Added Paul Oakenfold, “I think Reza puts on some great events and it’s important to support these parties.”

And those who were in attendance seemed to have more enthusiasm than events that pack in 100,000 people. Whether it was rocking out to Egil’s new co-productions with his 21-year-old nephew Carl Noren, getting down to Funkagenda, some intense banging old-school trance courtesy of Marcus Schössow, Matt Darey’s “See the Sun,” the original party rocker Reza spinning a birthday set, or Oakenfold returning to the top of the game, Love Festival was a fantastic experience in terms of the DJs giving it their all.

The event was so enjoyable that even Matt Darey couldn’t resist the draw of the crowd’s energy and went down to join them during Oakenfold’s set, dancing around in front of the stage with fans and friends alike.

Overall, something about Love Festival appropriately encompassed the event’s name. The people were friendly, the beats banging and, set in the middle of nowhere surrounding a lake, it was probably one of the most enjoyable EDM experiences I’ve experienced in a long time.

Next up on the West Coast EDM festival calendar: LovEvolution on Sept. 24 in Oakland, Calif. – Deanna Rilling