Krewella Comes Alive, Brings Youthful Enthusiasm to Stadium-Sized EDM

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As many of us know, a night of clubbing can be separated into three phases.
You have: The Pregame—warming up, getting ready, getting to the club, getting in; The Party—the sweat, the crowd, the dancing; and The Aftermath—the cool down, getting home, sitting in your car exchanging stories, perhaps seeing the sunrise.

It’s fairly apparent that Krewella fully understandsall this because the group’s debut album, Get Wet (Columbia), plays like a journey through a crazy, party night with a trio of youthful friends and siblings—which is exactly what they are.


Krewella was born when Kris “Rain Man” Trindl, 25, met Jahan Yousaf, 24, at a frat party in college. The two added Jahan’s sister Yasmine, 21, to the mix and they eventually got to making beats. And now, the Chicago-bred threesome’s recently finished debut brings its pop-punk roots to the forefront of stadium-sized electronic-dance music. On Get Wet, they take the listener on an adventure with feelgood, hands-in-the-air singles like “Alive” and aggressive party-starting tunes like “Live for the Night,” moving along with a tracklist that imitates the progression of another wild night.

Rather than following in the footsteps of producer peers like David Guetta who commission pop stars to sing over their beats, Krewella’s Yousaf sisters write and record tender rave ballads and hard-hitting dubstep tracks over Trindl’s original music. A former “ghost producer” for other artists, Trindl says that Skrillex was his major EDM influence.

Inspired to DJ after noticing the lack of females in the industry, Yasmine and Jahan reached out to members of their local Chicago club scene to show them the ropes. In June 2012, their EP “Play Hard,” reached No. 1 on Billboard’s Dance Radio Chart and placed on the Pop Radio Chart as well. Scoring bookings around the world at festivals from Stereosonic to Electric Daisy Carnival, the group’s ultimate game changer was a hybrid DJ-live vocal set at Ultra Miami 2013.

As we approached the album’s release, the group was preparing to embark on a promotional tour with a stage set-up that includes live vocals, live guitar, and a full stage production with an electronic rock show feel. Despite moving to the front of the DJ booth, microphones in hand, the Yousaf sisters insist that Krewella’s show will be the furthest thing from packaged pop—no choreography, just
raging fun.

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