Kill Frenzy Talks Synths, EPs, & DJing with 1 CDJ ahead of BangOn! NYE

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With a name like Kill Frenzy, it’s no surprise that Belgian-born, Berlin-based artist is deftly skilled at launching lethal tech-house productions on dancefloors across the globe.

His risqué booty-busting track titles like “No Panties,” “Tittie Compass,” and “Big Breasted Beauty” have certainly raised eyebrows, but it’s his fiery ghetto-tech basslines have stolen the show. The Belgian DJ/producer has dropped EPs on a top-notch list of labels like Anabatic, Turbo, and Pets, but it’s his stint with San Francisco’s Dirtybird that has seen him truly find his groove (and release his stellar debut album TAYLR SWFT last year).

Most recently, Kill Frenzy released the quirky Answering Machine two-tracker on W&O Street Tracks. With the title track blending booty-bass production with a hysterical voicemail sample and the EP’s B-Side firing scorching industrial techno heat, it’s a true testament to the club-driving skill that the fast-rising bass hotshot possesses.

Ahead of his New Year’s Eve performance at Brooklyn’s BangOn! Time & Space 2016 alongside Justin Martin, Kill Frenzy caught up with DJ Times to dish on the gig, his recent releases, and his biggest moments of 2015

DJ Times: You’re playing at BangOn’s New Year’s Eve party with Justin Martin this year. What are you looking to most about the performance and what can attendees expect from your set?
Kill Frenzy: I have no idea what to expect, but I am super pumped to break out some weird and unreleased tracks.  I am already nervous with excitement—let’s do it already!

DJ Times: You’ve played in New York a few times already. What makes the crowds and the city different from other places in the world?
Kill Frenzy: New York is one of these places where people know good underground music, so you have to bring the cool shit.  I like to play tracks nobody knows, and I feel I can do that in New York.

DJ Times: “Answering Machine” and “Freak” came out on W&O Street Tracks a few months back. How did those two tracks come to be?
Kill Frenzy: I bought a new synth in Berlin called the MFB Synth II and a few days after that I had the main idea laid out. It’s a freaky little thing.  After that I found this hilarious voice mail I just felt compelled to add. On “Freak,” I just wanted to make this old-school techno-feeling track, which is what I heard when I started going out at 16 years old. It’s a fun thing I wanted to do.

DJ Times: Taylr Swft was such a stunning debut LP. Do you have any plans to work on another album soon?
Kill Frenzy: No, not really. I loved doing it, but for now I want to experiment with some new things and bring out more EPs.

DJ Times: What’s your current gear setup in the studio? What piece of gear is an absolute essential for you right now?
Kill Frenzy: I am experimenting a bit with new gear. I am still looking for that one new piece that I can dive into and spark my interest.  I am very interested in phasers, flangers and delays lately—it’s interesting how you can totally change synth sounds with those things.  One piece I am really enjoying though is this synth called Aalto; it’s a bit modular based.

DJ Times: There are some pretty amazing photos and videos of you DJing with a single CDJ from the Brooklyn Dirtybird BBQ this summer. What’s the story behind that?
Kill Frenzy: [laughs] Yeah, that was a bit crazy. There was a nice little rain shower right before I was going on and that nearly destroyed all of the CDJs. I think they had like five of them but only one survived. They were calling anybody they could think of for new ones, but in the mean time they told me to wait but I didn’t want to do that, so I decided to try out how it would be mixing on one. It was really fun—I had a great time, actually. The way I mixed the tracks was using the FX on the mixer quickly in between when I selected the next song. I was playing disco, so I mixed it more hip-hop style. I don’t think a lot of people even realized; it went pretty smooth.

DJ Times: Dirtybird Campout was a pretty massive performance for you. What was the weekend and experience like?
Kill Frenzy: B-e-a-utiful!  It was like hanging out with a massive group of friends.  It felt really intimate although there were so many people. The people were really open as well to the music. I could play anything really.

DJ Times: With 2015 just about over, what were some of your favorite tracks of the year?
Kill Frenzy: These couple of tracks I have been playing almost every gig; I love them. I don’t want to say any more because O like to keep them for my selfish self [laughs].

The Friend – “Goodbye Skin”

Henning Baer – “3 On Craft (SFT Mix)”

Jimmy Edgar – “Tik Tok”

Danny Daze – “Rhythm Box”

Vril – “Tannhauser Gate”

DJ Times: What about favorite gigs?
Kill Frenzy: I don’t like to choose one, but I think that one would go to the Dirtybird Campout!  And Piknic Élektronik in Montreal—that one was incredible. So much energy!   

DJ Times: What’s in store for Kill Frenzy in 2016?
Kill Frenzy: I would love to tell you, but I can’t yet. I am really excited to show you what I have been making. I will play it on New Years so you’ll have to guess. It is darker and more raw. I never like to do the same thing over and over so expect something fresh.