Keys to a Succesful Radio Career

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Still haven’t sent your mix to Hollywood Hamilton’s “DJ Expo/Remix Top 30 Countdown Contest?”

Then a reminder: Send a 30 minute mix (no longer, please) 320K mp3 or wav file of a recent sample mix to for consideration. Please send your mix via YouSendIt or SendSpace and include your name, city/state and contact information, including email address.

Deadline for submissions is August 15.

We asked Sean Hollywood Hamilton about how to parlay one’s love for music into a successful radio career.

“Always remember and never forget that it’s always about your press, your exposure, and your visibility. You are only as good as your own PR. Start comping important people at your club even if you’ve got to pay for them yourself. Get that radio station PD or that newspaper reporter that hardly gets out to your gig, and get them in the booth to see you work it. Get them free drinks, whatever. Get some local press, and if not press, get those relationships in order. If you’re specifically looking to get into radio, find some spare time and get an internship. Keep getting your mixes to your local radio DJs and PDs. If you have specific questions, I have no problem helping. Hit me up on Facebook.”

Look for the full interview with Hollywood in the next issue of DJ Times.

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