Jeff Mills Scores & Stars in ‘Man From Tomorrow’

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Tomorrow comes today with the premiere of Man From Tomorrow, a new film featuring unreleased music from the legendary techno DJ/producer Jeff Mills, who scored and starred in the flick.

The movie, recently premiered in Paris and directed by French filmmaker Jacquline Caux, is divided into two parts. The first half is entirely wordless, with only Mills’ music accompanying an artful sequence of moving images. The latter half of the film contains voice-over excerpts from conversations with Mills, which include topics surrounding his fascination with the outcome of mankind, space, and time travel.

Mills describes the film as such:

“Understanding what Man From Tomorrow could possibly mean and say to others, we greatly discussed the ways of how we could go about materializing this in a manner that detaches the subject away from normality. We wanted to show what deep thoughts, dream escapes and unconventional expressions of our future could look, sound and feel like through ever-expanding and dimensional lens of Techno.”

Man From Tomorrow will debut around the world at screenings featuring appearances from Jeff Mills and director Jacquline Caux, including a February 12 showing at New York’s studio museum and a February 19 premiere at Berlin’s Hackesche Höfe.

For more information, visit Jeff Mills’ Facebook page.

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