Jeannie Hopper Talks NYC Liquid Sound Lounge Boat Party [GIVEAWAY]

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DJ Jeannie Hopper has been rocking New York radio airwaves with the sound of underground dance via her Liquid Sound Lounge program for over 20 years, and her accompanying LSL Boat Party series will return for its latest iteration on November 1 for a Day of The Dead edition.

The 2014 LSL Day of the Dead Boat Party will feature three hours of uplifting house grooves and will include sets from The Super Dupers—Jeannie Hopper DJing alongside Jay Rodrigues’ live saxophone and flute performance—and DJ Will Automagic. DJ Times connected with Jeannie Hopper to discuss what attendees will experience onboard and how she’s kept the party thriving for 15 years.

DJ Times: What can attendees expect from the Day of the Dead LSL Boat Party this year?
Jeannie Hopper: Soulful dance music with a very live and electronic fusion from afro, to funky, to groovy, to tech-laden with vocals taken to another level with live flavors. It’s for people who can’t stand pretentiousness, posturing, music as wall paper, and poser environments. It’s for people who love music and are looking for that vibe unique in NYC that hearkens back to the Paradise Garage and The Loft: people all happy together regardless of age, race, creed or economic status.

DJ Times: 2014 marks the 15th anniversary of the Liquid Sound Lounge Boat Party. What elements do you think have helped it remain successful for such a long time?
Hopper: We create an environment of community which in our ever-homogenized landscape of New York City is not so easy to find. The music is the true unifier which is what connects all. People have met on the boat, fallen in love, and gotten engaged and even married. It’s become a ritual for so many regulars as a special event in their lives they look forward to, and share the most amazing experiences with us that they’ve had on board.   I found it increasingly hard in the late 90s to enjoy throwing a party when gentrification was in full swing and the attack on nightlife—with the NYPD nightlife task force that could raid your party at any time of the night whether in a licensed or illegal spot—was creating an increasingly hostile experience opposite of what the soulful house music scene was about. I met Marco Polo—who had only one boat at the time—and we struck a great partnership in creating the original soulful house music boat party and starting a trend in the scene where now in the summer you can find a party almost every weekend on a boat. However, ours stands out as the original soulful house music party on a boat.

DJ Times: You’ll be playing with Jay Rodrigues as The Super Dupers. What goes into preparing for a DJ set that accompanies live musicians?
Hopper: In essence as the DJ you have to think like a musician to give space for the musician(s). Listening is key in being in sync with Jay. I do take the lead in conducting the vibe via being closely in touch with reading the crowd. We’ve developed a language that is somewhat like how twins communicate without having to actually verbalize. It’s by no means scripted, and I’m always blown away when reviewing the recording afterward, as during our set I literally am liquid in the music and feeding off of the reciprocal good vibes from the crowd. It’s usually a blur for me by the end of the night, but all walk off with what we call that “after boat glow.” I have to give huge props to Jay who is an unbelievably talented musician, producer, composer, and mentor who pushes me on so many levels. There’s a set from several years ago, and if you listen very closely you hear Jay on sax and flute and Pablo Vergara on keys, FX via vocoder, and other tricks up his sleeve.

DJ Times: What else does the LSL have coming up in the next few months?
Hopper: Jay and I are working on original productions in the studio and how to incorporate them into our repertoire, so to speak. I’ve been working a lot with Ableton thanks to Dubspot in learning how to incorporate it into what we already do, from creating original sounds from scratch to working out remix and original ideas. It’s a big time commitment, however, and I’m looking forward to the pay off and change in a very exciting time technologically for DJs and live electronic performers. It’s a scene that is still forming but is already blurring the lines between bands and electronic dance music like ‘The Warper Party’ community.

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