October 23, 2014

Jaguar Skills & Virus Syndicate Team Up for Karate Man Mixtape

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Worlds have collided with the Karateman Mixtape, a collaboration between DJ/producer Jaguar Skills and British MC crew Virus Syndicate. The resulting project is a five-track EP that packs in a wide range of genres—from trap and garage to classic hip hop and drum & bass—all complemented with classic vocal samples and Virus Syndicate’s tight verses. It’s a grimy, succinct release that clocks in at just under 20 minutes that serves as a precursor for Virus Syndicate’s upcoming album The Swarm, due out in 2014.

Stream and download the full Karateman Mixtape above. Catch a glimpse of Virus Syndicate’s upcoming tour with a live trailer here, and go to JaguarSkills.com for more information on Jaguar Skills.

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