Jacuzzi Releases Free Mizu EP

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Hot on the heels of the success of his remix of Santigold’s “Disparate Youth” last year, Hawaiian producer Jacuzzi has unleashed the free Mizu EP. Across a quick five-tracks, the 18-year-old producer shows that he’s wise beyond his years with his genre-defying intricate productions. While the whole is brought together by a throbbing dedication to bass, each track shows off a different face, whether it’s the frigid future bass sound present on “Tundra” and “Loose Ends,” the gunshot-filled trap influence in “Luxury,” or grandeur strings of “Curtain Call.”

Jacuzzi’s Mizu EP is available to stream below, and can be downloaded for free at Jacuzzi.fm. Watch the music video for “Exodus” here.