J.Rocc: "The one thing you didn't know about J.Dilla"

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Dilla shopping for vinyl

“Nothing wrong with a cheap record.”

J.Rocc performed as the third member of Jaylib, along with Madlib and the late, great beatmaker J.Dilla. And now J.Rocc’s official artist debut, Some Cold Rock Stuf (Stones Throw), bursting with hip-hop variants, ranging far and wide, reflects his huge music collection and technical know-how, both of which surfaced in the early ’90s.

Global tours and prestigious DJ titles aside, Some Cold Rock Stuf has been a long time in the making. “I left no stone unturned,” says J.Rocc.

DJ Times recently spoke with J.Rocc (aka LA’s Jason Jackson), and we asked him about working with the legendary Dilla.

What was it like working with Dilla. It was a great experience. I was a big fan of his music before I met him, so it took a second to get over that whole thing. It was cool to just be a part of the process of listening to records and hearing something that he wanted to make a beat out of. I still laugh hearing a beat that I know I had a small hand in.

Any misconceptions that people may have had about him? I think people may think he bought a lot of records. We would go record shopping and he’d walk out with only two records, while Madlib would buy a huge stack [laughs]. He knew what he was looking for. He knew that there wasn’t anything wrong with a cheap record.


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