It’s All Gone Pete Tong—Again.

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“It’s All Gone Pete Tong” entered the vernacular long ago, but neither the Cockney phrase nor the legendary DJ who inspired it ever really left the world of club music. And now, as this coming party season appears on the horizon, it’s even become an official brand.

How’s that? After three years of his Wonderland weekly at Ibiza’s Eden club, Mr. Tong returns to the eastern side of the island for Pacha’s Friday-night slot: “Pure Pacha: It’s All Gone Pete Tong.” The summer-long residency will find the legendary club and radio favorite holding it down with a series of guests that will include Derrick Carter and Paul Oakenfold.

But that’s not all for Tong this spring. He recently celebrated 20 years of spinning on BBC 1, where his Essential Mix remains one of dance music’s most iconic shows. Additionally, he’s been busy preparing the 4th annual International Music Summit. Set for May 25-27 at Ibiza’s Gran Hotel, the event will offer seminars and networking opportunities to the top movers and shakers of the dance-music industry. Speakers include top jocks like Sasha, Luciano and Richie Hawtin, plus industry stalwarts like Mute label founder Daniel Miller.

We recently connected with the legendary Pete Tong to discuss IMS, Ibiza and the global health of dance music.

DJ Times: What about the rumors on your return to Pacha Ibiza for your “It’s All Gone Pete Tong” party?

Tong: Yes, it’s true about the return to Pacha. I’m really excited and happy about that. I spent the last three years elsewhere and I’m happy they want me back. It’s all starting at the end of May and runs through the season.

DJ Times: How open is the International Music Summit for incoming producers, DJs and younger business people in the scene? You’re only making 500 delegates badges available.

Tong: Yeah, we are tailoring a part of the programming this year to have some more specific things that will help people who are not already established in the business—smaller audiences, meet-and-greet for less initiated to get access to these characters. We do want to grow it, but we don’t want to go from our initial idea to something that’s already being delivered by Miami. We never want to be in the position where the conference doesn’t matter. The easiest thing to do would be to dump the conference and just put on public events. We wanted to give something back to the island. It’s like walking to a tightrope—there is always a balance to keeping both sides. We’re trying to get high-level people together to implement change and inspire each other.

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